North Sound Accountable Community of Health

The North Sound Accountable Community of Health (NSACH) consists of individuals, organizations, and stakeholders committed to transforming our health systems to improve health, improve the experience of care, increase access, and lower costs for all residents in the North Sound Region. Achieving these goals requires building stronger prevention and health promotion systems by focusing on community health, promoting the integration of physical, behavioral, and public health systems, and transitioning to performance-based strategies for health care payment.

WAHA and the North Sound ACH have a strong commitment to the improvement of healthcare access in the North Sound region. WAHA and the North Sound ACH have a particularly strong relationship as WAHA previously served as the administrative backbone for the North Sound ACH. In January of 2017 the North Sound ACH became it’s own separate organization from WAHA. We are excited to see the future projects from the North Sound ACH in the coming months and years ahead.

To learn more about this important community initiative, visit the North Sound ACH Website. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Hillary at the North Sound ACH: