Looking for in-person help accessing healthcare or navigating the insurance system? There are several local organizations who can assist.
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  • Complementary Health Care

    Need information on complementary health care such as Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and Homeopathy? Learn More!

  • Dental

    Affordable dental resources are hard to come by in Whatcom County. Here you can find useful lists of these limited resources and programs that can help. Learn More!

  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment

    Looking to turn over a new leaf? We think that’s great. There are resources available in Whatcom County that can provide treatment for alcoholism and other drug dependencies. Learn More!

  • Hearing

    There are some great options available to Whatcom County residents looking for hearing resources. Learn More!

  • LGBTQ+

    Searching for health care for, and by, the LGBTQ+ community? Look no further! Learn More!

  • Medical Bills

    Paying medical bills can be difficult. We has some great suggestion for questions you can ask your provider or insurance company to help make things a little easier. Learn More!

  • Mental Health

    Take a look at our list of mental health resources in Whatcom County. Learn More!

  • Primary Care

    Having a great family doctor or nurse that you trust is an essential component of maintaining good health. Learn More!

  • Prenatal

    Having a baby is a life changing event. Prenatal care can help keep both you and your baby healthy during pregnancy. Learn More!

  • Prescriptions

    Prescriptions can be expensive, especially if your insurance company only pays for part of the cost or does not cover it at all. Here are some helpful tips and resources for help paying for your prescriptions. Learn More!

  • Transportation

    Finally got that appointment scheduled but have no way of getting there? There are options to help you make it to your appointments. Learn More!

  • Urgent Care

    Urgent care clinics may offer immediate services for non-life threatening medical conditions and cost much less than the emergency room. Learn More!

  • Vision

    Looking for affordable vision options in Whatcom County? Learn More!