Advance Care Planning Documents & Resources

WAHA’s Advance Care Planning program recommends that you make an appointment with one of our certified advance care planning Facilitators. Your WAHA Facilitator will use the documents below as part of your Advance Care Planning process. The Facilitator is skilled at helping you clarify your personal values, beliefs and preferences for end-of-life care. The meeting moves at your own pace, and there is no pressure to influence your treatment preferences. There is no cost for this service though donations are always welcome.

To set up an appointment, or for more information, please visit our Contact Page to get in touch with a team member who can assist you further.

The hardest part of the Advance Care Planning process is communicating with your loved ones, whether they are family, friends, and others that you trust and respect, about your end-of-life preferences. WAHA recommends the following resources that will help you start and continue the “conversation” with your loved ones and health care professionals. 

Play a Card Game 

Go Wish gives you an easy, even entertaining way to talk about what is most important to you. The cards help you find words to talk about what is important if you were to be living a life that may be shortened by serious illness. Playing the game with your relatives or best friends can help you learn how you can best comfort your loved ones when they need you most. Go Wish can be played by one, two or more people.

Each deck has 36 cards. Thirty-five of the cards describe things that people often say are important when they are very sick or dying. The cards describe how people want to be treated, who they want near them, and what matters to them. One card is a “wild card.” You can use this card to stand for something you want that isn’t on any of the other cards. Go Wish can be played online for free or deck of cards available for purchase. Go Wish is available in Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese. 

Use a Starter Kit
The Conversation Starter Kit is a useful tool to help you have the conversation with a family member, friend, or other loved one about your – or their – wishes regarding end-of-life care. It is available in several languages. All of the Starter Kits are available to download and print for free. The Starter Kits are available in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese! 

WAHA’s Advance Care Planning program uses the following documents to document your wishes. In it you spell out your wishes for health care and appoint a healthcare agent to make decisions for your care in the event that you are unable to do so. If you feel more comfortable using another Advance Directive, WAHA volunteers, are happy to assist you with your document. Note: WAHA has stopped using their Advance Directive as of 3/12/2018.

WAHA recommends using the following forms:

WAHA’s Reflections Booklet. Read entire booklet and place special attention to pages 11-13. If you need help with Advance Care Planning terms see Glossary on pages 19-20.