About Advance Care Planning

What if you were in an accident or became suddenly ill? Who would speak for you?

Making your healthcare choices known in advance is a gift to those you love.

Since 2012, WAHA provides community-wide Advance Care Planning which offers Whatcom County residents the opportunity to reflect on their wishes for medical care when they cannot communicate for themselves and record their wishes in an Advance Directive Document. We offer free Community Workshops, and opportunities to meet with skilled and Certified Facilitators to help identify personal, basic goals for life-sustaining treatment. The Facilitator can also help you recognize qualities that are important in an effective Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (also known as “Health Care Agent”), and assist you in documenting your preferences for care in an Advance Directive.

Other services that WAHA provides include:

  • Notarizing your paperwork and/or providing witnesses to make your Advance Directive legal
  • Provide Facilitated conversations on a one-to-one basis at our office or in a neutral location
  • Provide Facilitated conversations to employer groups of any industry
  • Make copies of your Advance Directive for your Health Care Agent(s)
  • Fax all your paperwork to your providers and local hospital
  • Connect you to other Advance Care Planning related services and planning resources

Check out the handy map below to learn more about the various steps involved in completing an advance directive. When you are ready, click the button below to get started!

Get Assistance

Ready to meet with a facilitator? Still have questions? You can always visit our Contact Page to get connected to a team member who can help. Also, you may find it helpful to attend one of our Community events.

Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Community Comments

Tribal Nations:

“The attention, thoughtful preparation, and positive energy WAHA brought was very much appreciated. The tools and resources were helpful so we can adapt it for our community.”

Employer and residential group comments:

“Employees were hesitant at first, but the more the workshop progressed the more they opened up. By the end of the workshop, employees were laughing or consoling each other. They were engaged with each other throughout the process.”

“Thank you WAHA and all your volunteers for your work. The families I spoke to about the event made an impact on their lives about needing those conversations. The group conversation was excellently put together for the community and allowing the option to truly dialogue, make the difference in participating.”

“We want to thank you all at the WAHA team for bringing the conversation to us. Not only did it bring the community closer but it was also a fun and informative event the residents enjoyed. It was an overall great experience to have had the WAHA come to our apartment complex. Again, thanks to all of you for making this event possible for the families.”

Community member comments:

“She [the Facilitator] was very knowledgeable, kind and thorough..I’m going to encourage all my friends and neighbors to set up appointments and get their Advance Directives done!”

“Made a tough topic easier to think about; thank you for being a good resource for our community”

“Presenter was well spoken, easily understood, readily responded to and encouraged questions. A+”

“This was a great session! Lots of useful information and things that made me think about AD’s differently! I definitely plan on bringing the topic up with my family … and share the importance that they have one done as well!”

Our Donors

WAHA’s Advance Care Planning program is supported by community donations.